Steven Krieger

Steven Krieger, a distinguished attorney and Managing Partner of Steven Krieger Law, PLLC, with a profound passion for public interest advocacy and serving underserved or marginalized populations. As an alumnus of the University of Michigan School of Business and the UCLA School of Law, Steven’s education in Business Administration and Law. Steven Krieger Law was formed to fill this void by operating a civil litigation law practice focused on “practical solutions, honest advice, for everyone.”

Don’t think legal expertise is all he brings to the Board, Steven found time to open and run a tennis retail shop in his home town too! With a decade of experience, Steven’s career boasts remarkable accomplishments, such as running his own thriving law firm with a team of about ten people, co-owning a small retail tennis shop, and founding a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the access to justice gap. His dedication and hard work have earned him prestigious recognitions like Super Lawyer, Legal Elite, and Arlington Top Attorney.

Since he was a child, Steven has had a passion for the environment and sustainability. His volunteer commitment to RecycleBalls combines his passion for service, love of tennis and sustainability. When he’s not practicing law, running a small business, or contributing to nonprofits, Steven loves playing tennis and cherishes quality time with his family.

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