Quickship Tips and Instructions

Managing this is easy!

1) Please open all of our emails.

  • Opening these triggers our automated system to ensure timely responses, shipments, awards, tax deductions, and more.
  • Typically bins are shipped within 60 days of the setup or the last bin shipment.

4) Always replace full bins with fresh ones immediately.

  • We ship new bins when down to 5. Bring bins to the front desk or anywhere UPS delivers as soon as they are full.
  • Every bin comes with a prepaid UPS label and will be picked up at no cost by UPS when they visit if you point to the bins.

2) Assemble every bin right away to save time.

  • Start by assembling the BOTTOM and then the TOP.  Each bin takes about a minute to assemble.

5) Promote this program with the included posters.

  • Make recycling visible by displaying the included signage.. 
  • Help us publicize this. Snap a picture of your bin(s) and post to social media – tag #recycleballs

3) Place bins directly on every indoor tennis court.

  • Courtside bins fill up 5-10 times faster than if placed elsewhere. For outdoor courts, place bins in a sheltered area near courts. 
  • Outdoor bins and bin enclosures are available to order at recycleballs.org

5) Champion This!

  • The single largest success factor of this program is a dedicated CHAMPION who is managing this – about 10 mins a week.