Mike Golub

Mike Golub is a nationally recognized leader in the sports industry, who over the course of his career has stewarded highly successful sports entities across the spectrum of properties and markets.

Mike has worked in all 5 major sports either at the team or league level. He has operated highly successful teams and venues in the country’s largest market and in smaller markets, in established professional sports markets and in emerging ones. He has built and launched three now top-performing sports teams from the ground up and has helped grow the business of some of the most established and venerable teams and brands in sports, including the NBA, Nike, New York Rangers, Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, Major League Baseball and the Portland Timbers

Currently he serves as the President of Business at SlamBall, a fast-growing emerging sports league. A respected leader in his field Mike has been twice named Major League Soccer’s Executive of the Year. Mike holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University

Throughout his career Mike has shown a deep commitment to building community and having a positive impact. Multiple professional teams he has run have been honored for their volunteer efforts and philanthropy. Among many other causes, he was instrumental in launching a robust workforce readiness program for teens and has a lifelong commitment to support the arts.

In his leisure time, Mike enjoys the tranquility of nature through hiking and finds balance through yoga. He and his wife Sam also enjoy theater, gastronomy, and spending time with their dog, Clarence,

The enthusiasm Mike brings for sports sustainability, dogs, and equine sports will help take RecycleBalls to the next level. He recognizes the potential for making a big difference and aims to raise awareness of sustainability in new sectors.

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