Margaret Safford

Margaret Safford, an Innovation and Go-to-Market (GTM) Consultant, is a Business Advisor for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and Head of the US
Community for the UK-based retail consulting firm greyhairworks! As a Cornell University and
Babson College alumna with an MBA, Margaret’s expertise is a true asset to the
RecycleBalls board.

Margaret excels as an advisor and coach for brands and retailers in the US and Europe, a
speaker and writer on consumer and retail industry trends, and marketing consultant.
With a knack for maximizing insights, she crafts successful GTM plans for both Fortune
500s and startups, while mentoring and judging in startup accelerators.

Margaret’s career is a montage of remarkable accomplishments, including winning an Effie
award for a health and wellness campaign at CVS, launching a personal care brand on
Amazon that skyrocketed to $xxM+, and globetrotting for work.

When she’s not conquering the business world, Margaret is a tennis aficionado, city explorer,
beach lover with her dog, French learner, and health and wellness enthusiast. Her family
includes a husband, a daughter, and a furry friend.

What ignites Margaret’s passion for RecycleBalls? The perfect fusion of tennis and

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