Erin Lynn

Erin Lynn serves as the Controller at RecycleBalls, a position she has held for the past four years. Erin enjoys working with non-profit financials and found her love for finance early in her career.

Her journey in financial management started at Franklin August Trading Inc. She further honed her skills at S.T. Griswold & Company, Inc. and Sunrise Management Services. Prior to joining RecycleBalls, Erin also led all financial operations at Garnet Transport Medicine.

Possessing a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Champlain College, Erin combines her expertise in finance with a passion for environmental causes. She believes deeply in the mission of RecycleBalls and contributes to its environmental goals with dedication and enthusiasm.

Away from her professional duties, Erin is a mother and a pet owner.  She is a resident of Vermont and while she is not a fan of the cold winters and loves to travel to warm locations frequently, she appreciates the natural beauty of the Green Mountain State.

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