The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program

The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program provides facility partners all the materials needed to implement a tennis ball recycling solution including instructions, collection bins, customized posters (example on right), and publicity information. We have even arranged for automatic pickup with pre-paid UPS shipping labels attached to every bin.

How do facilities get involved?
RecycleBalls partners with qualified tennis facilities in the United States by providing an easy and convenient turnkey QUICKSHIP Program for collecting used tennis balls. The balls are recycled into new court surfaces or re-purposed. By keeping tennis balls out of landfills, we “Make Yellow the New Green on Every Tennis Court.” ™ For players, this means court-side convenience. For tennis facilities, this means a quick and easy way to provide an instant GREEN value to your entire tennis community and be part of the solution. For the environment, this means less toxic landfill. Everyone wins!

Is there a cost? What is included in the program?
No, None! The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program is designed to be self-supporting for partner facilities. Facility partners receive:

  • tennis-ball-icon A Setup package that includes 10 QUICKSHIP Bins, a poster kit and instructions. (see bins below).
  • tennis-ball-icon A monthly newsletter.
  • tennis-ball-icon Automatic replacement of full bins received with new bins.
  • tennis-ball-icon A dedicated RecycleBalls contact person to answer questions and ensure success.
  • tennis-ball-icon Additional materials and tools to promote the program.

How can tennis facilities participate?
To qualify, facilities must have at least three indoor tennis courts, ensure full bins are refreshed and shipped on a timely basis and be willing to promote the recycling of all tennis balls.

How are the balls shipped and tracked?
Full bins need to be brought to the front desk or anywhere UPS ships where they will be automatically picked up by UPS without further notice.  An automated system continuously ensures optimum inventory levels. Court-side bins typically fill up in 3-6 weeks.

How does the INSTASHIP program differ from your QUICKSHIP program?

Type of program A formal tennis ball recycling program for facilities and communities. An easy to use tennis ball recycling solution for anyone.
Availability Continental USA Continental USA
Qualification 3 or more tennis courts 200 or more tennis balls
Application required YES NO
Automatic bin replacement YES NO
Bins provided no cost with prepaid shipping labels YES YES if over 1600 tennis balls
Free prepaid shipping YES YES
Tax deduction program YES YES
Newsletter YES YES

the RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP bin makes GREEN sense on any tennis court


Delivers an impactful, positive message


4 color private label can be customized with any logo/copy


Ships flat. Sets up easily without any tools and self locks


Small 24″x12″ bin is only 26 lbs when full (200 balls)


Extremely sturdy and made with recycled materials


Center hole is smaller than a tennis ball so balls stay inside


Fully recyclable and can be reused multiple times


Serialized and tracked to provide data for every location


Pre-labelled/prepaid UPS sticker for shipping


So unique it is patent pending