The RecycleBalls INSTASHIP Program

Thank you for helping improve tennis and our planet…YOU ROCK!

This program will allow anyone (organizations, individuals, and events) to easily recycle 100 or more tennis balls at any time and get an immediate tax receipt. Prepaid shipping labels are emailed free of charge. If you have more than 1600 tennis balls to recycle right now, we can send you bins with prepaid shipping labels attached.

We’ve made it EASY!

1) GET FREE LABELS:  Just tell us how many boxes and tennis balls you have and we will email you prepaid shipping labels – almost instantly!  

2) SHIP: Drop off your labeled box(es) anywhere UPS picks up or delivers. UPS will take these when they deliver or pickup.

3) RECEIVE TAX DEDUCTIONS and FEEL AMAZING!:  We will email you a receipt as soon as we receive your shipment.





Why recycle with us?
We are a youth-driven 501 (c) 3 nonprofit with a mission to recycle all tennis balls in the USA. As a nonprofit, you will receive a tax deduction and the peace of mind that every one of your tennis balls will be kept out of U.S. landfills and turned into green solutions or products.


How quickly will I get a receipt?
RecycleBalls will provide an automatic email receipt as soon as we receive any shipment from you. This receipt will note the date and the number of tennis balls donated. It’s up to you to fill in the value. You will get a receipt every time we receive a shipment from you.


Should all printed labels have the same weight and addresses?
Yes. We use special labels from UPS tracked to you via the barcode. All of these labels indicate 26Lbs and have the same addresses on purpose. Please apply ONE label per box that you are shipping and they will get to us.


How many balls fit in standard boxes?
The following will give you an idea how many tennis balls fit into different sized boxes. Please use the largest boxes possible.



Where can I pick up boxes?



Who assigns a value to the tennis balls for my tax deduction?
The IRS requires the donor (you) to assign values to non-cash charitable donations. The value is not the original purchase price but the estimated resale value in its current condition.

What are my used tennis balls worth as a tax deduction?
As an example, if you donate 10,000 tennis balls over the course of the year and you choose to value these at $.35 each, then this could be a $3,500 tax deduction. It is up to you to determine this value.


What forms will I need to file my tax return?
If the total deduction for noncash charitable contributions is $500 or less, you may claim the entire amount on Schedule A. If over $500; you will need to fill out the applicable sections of Form 8283 to support your Schedule A amount.


How does the INSTASHIP program differ from your QUICKSHIP program?


Type of program A formal tennis ball recycling program for facilities and communities. An easy to use tennis ball recycling solution for anyone.
Availability Continental USA Continental USA
Qualification 3 or more tennis courts 100 or more tennis balls
Application required YES NO
Automatic bin replacement YES NO
Bins provided no cost with prepaid shipping labels YES YES if over 1600 tennis balls
Free prepaid shipping YES YES
Tax deduction program YES YES
Newsletter YES YES