Recycleballs would like to recognize the hard work of one of our partners, Shaun Boyce who is passionate about both the sport of tennis and protecting the environment by recycling tennis balls.

In his home state of Georgia, Shaun Boyce is helping kids simultaneously fall in love with the sport of tennis, and revolutionize it at the same time.

Boyce is the owner of Ankle Biters Tennis, a program founded in 2010 that initially focused on preschool introductory tennis, but has expanded to work with children ranging from ages 3-10. They are bringing the game to the kids, literally. Some school systems do not offer classes but portable equipment allows them to teach at any location they are invited to by parents.

Being environmentally conscious is both a mindset and a habit. Establishing this behavior for the kids at Ankle Biters who are at an impressionable age will lead to stronger habits in the future. Recycleballs is excited to have Shaun partner with us, be a role model for kids and teach them to be more aware of the impact we as humans make. After all, they are the future of the tennis community.

Shaun partnered with Recycleballs early May and has already collected 600 tennis balls. Thank you, Shaun, for teaching kids to reduce their ecological footprint of each split-step! Keep up the good work.

Recycleballs is a youth-powered 501c(3) non-profit, based in Vermont, with a mission to improve tennis and our planet by recycling all tennis balls in the US by 2020. The Quickship Bin, Recycleballs’ signature program provides tennis facilities with a convenient tennis ball recycling solution. All tennis balls collected are recycled into new court surfaces and/or repurposed. By keeping tennis balls out of landfills, we “Make Yellow the New Green on Every Tennis Court.” ™