RecycleBalls CHAMPION Internship program
(Coming in Summer 2018)

Do you love tennis? Want to give back to the sport you love while building your resume?

RecycleBall Intern CHAMPIONS are a community of students who play tennis and care passionately about their sport and the environment. These athletes are respected leaders and share a mission to improve tennis by taking local action towards measurable results. Interns commit to managing one tennis facility for a period of twelve months. It typically takes about one hour per month to manage an eight-court facility; primarily to promote our shared mission and manage the program.

Application Requirements
tennis-ball-icon High School or college level tennis player.
tennis-ball-icon Associated with a local facility that has eight or more courts.
Completion of the RecycleBalls CHAMPION Intern application (below).
Reference form completed by a parent, teacher, pro or coach (below).

Graduation Perks
tennis-ball-icon A letter of reference from RecycleBalls.
A resume builder.
tennis-ball-icon For some, this experience may offer networking and publicity opportunities.
A sponsor package worth up to $400.

A CHAMPION intern commits to the following for a 12 month period:
tennis-ball-icon Actively promotes the RecycleBalls mission in the local tennis community.
tennis-ball-icon Ensures there is always a fresh bin on every court.
           Bins must be placed directly on each indoor court.
           Bins placed near outdoor courts.
tennis-ball-icon Makes sure full bins are replaced and brought to the front desk/shipped immediately.
tennis-ball-icon Provides timely email feedback regarding this program.
tennis-ball-icon Works with the facility and ensures all needs are fully met on a timely basis.

As a tennis player, can I be a CHAMPION intern at my local facility?
Yes! You can introduce this to your local facility.


Intern Application FormIntern Reference Form - For Parents or Coaches