RB CHAMPIONS are a community of volunteers that passionately care about the sport of tennis and the environment. These athletes are respected leaders in the sport and share a mission to improve tennis by taking local action towards measurable results. RB CHAMPIONS are typically pros, tennis students or tennis players with ties to one or more local facilities. RB CHAMPIONS self-refer, are referred by a facility or by RecycleBalls.

What are the RB CHAMPION eligibility requirements?
RB CHAMPIONS have been rated 3.5 or above as a tennis player and are willing to manage one or more QUICKSHIP Programs locally for 3 months.

What does it take to be an RB CHAMPION?
It typically takes about 10 minutes a week to manage the program at one partner facility. Responsibilities include:

  • tennis-ball-icon Ensuring there is always a fresh bin on every court.
  • tennis-ball-icon Ensuring full bins are brought to the facility front desk area for UPS pickup.
  • tennis-ball-icon Working with the facility and ensuring all needs are fully met on a timely basis.
  • tennis-ball-icon Actively promoting the RecycleBalls mission.

What are the perks for a RB CHAMPION?
RB CHAMPIONS  are part of a bold vision for US Tennis and may be recognized locally and nationally for their efforts. For some, this experience may also offer networking and publicity opportunities and could be a powerful resume builder. RecycleBalls is committed to building a community that visibly measures and celebrates the efforts of RB CHAMPIONS and our facility partners.

As a tennis player, can I be an RB CHAMPION at my local facility?
Yes! You can introduce this to your facility or we can help do this.


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