“I’m grateful for an organization that gives back to a game that gives so much to others. I think once you expand and get more partners involved, this will change the sport and its impact on the environment.”


This is one profile in a series of interviews with RB Champions; tennis athletes and professionals who passionately care about the sport of tennis and the environment. These leaders are mobilizing their tennis communities to positively impact US tennis by recycling tennis balls.

One such Champion is Jim Harp from Cumming, Georgia.
Jim is the owner of Harp Performance Tennis Inc. at www.harptennis.com, and was introduced to the game at nine years old. He has now been involved in the sport for 41 years and thinks that it is about time people started finding ways to repurpose and recycle tennis balls.

“I was very excited to find out that your program exists and is contributing to saving the planet.”

Like other tennis club owners, Jim has firsthand knowledge of how many balls his club goes through in a day, a week, a year, and the entire time his club has been open. He hates the idea that throughout this country, tennis balls are being tossed out with little attention to the impact they have on the environment. Before working with Recycleballs, Jim tried to find ways to repurpose his used tennis balls. He would bag and donate them to local schools or dog parks. However, he knew those efforts were not enough because the balls would still end up in landfills and only delay the inevitable.

When Jim heard about Recycleballs, he immediately knew he had to join a solution that would remove tennis balls as waste. Since partnering with RecycleBalls.Jim has continued to encourage us to increase our footprint and message out to a national stage. A message he is also excited and eager to share.
“I think once you expand and get more partners involved this will change the sport and its impact on the environment. I’m excited to see what you all manage to do with the recycled materials because I think you can make anything – but I think furniture made from this stuff would be especially cool.”

Jim may be new to Recycleballs, but his commitment to tennis is not. He believes that tennis saved him and kept him out of trouble as a kid. In his time, coaching and running his facility he has only continued to see how tennis teaches valuable life lessons and reaches people in a way that a lot of other things can’t. That is why he has chosen to stick with the sport and why he wants to do everything he can to make tennis green and even more well-loved.
“I’m grateful for an organization that gives back to a game that gives so much to others.”

Thank you, Jim, for all you do to protect the environment and support the sport. We are thrilled to have such an ambitious and passionate player as one of our Champions!