QUICKSHIP Tennis Ball Recycling Program

What is the QUICKSHIP program?
RecycleBalls provides an easy and convenient turnkey program for organizations. For players, this means court-side convenience. For tennis facilities, communities, and  schools this means a quick and easy way to provide an instant green solution to your entire tennis community. For the environment, this means less balls in landfills. Everyone wins!

What is included in the QUICKSHIP program?
The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program is designed to be self-supporting for partner organizations and includes:
1. A Setup package of 10 QUICKSHIP bins with prepaid UPS shipping labels, a poster kit, and instructions.
2. Automatic tracking and replacement of any full bins shipped.
3. Ongoing support via a weekly email and a dedicated RecycleBalls contact person (as needed) to ensure program success.
4. An annual tax deduction receipt for all balls donated.
5. Additional materials and tools to promote the program.
6. A monthly newsletter.
Why are the benefits of the QUICKSHIP program?
1. No investment: It is a no-cost program that is extremely user friendly.
2. National network: You will be joining a fast growing network of partners that are making a difference for U.S. tennis in their communities.
3. Environmentally friendly: The program provides an instant green benefit to your entire tennis community.
4. Financial rewards: You will receive a tax deduction for every tennis ball donated.

Who are qualifying organizations?
1. Organizations where UPS comes by at least monthly.
2. Have a minimum of three tennis courts
3. Have designated a RB CHAMPION who will manage the program (about 10 minutes a week).
4. Agree to promote the RecycleBalls mission.
5. Agree to provide designated areas to store and ship bins.