Why recycle with us?
We are a youth driven 501 (c) 3 nonprofit with a mission to recycle all tennis balls in the USA. As a nonprofit, you will receive a tax deduction and the peace of mind that every one of your tennis balls will be kept out of U.S. landfills and turned into green solutions or products.

How quickly will I get a receipt?
RecycleBalls will provide an automatic email receipt as soon as we receive any shipment from you. This receipt will note the date and the number of tennis balls donated. It’s up to you to fill in the value. You will get a receipt every time we receive a shipment from you.

Should all printed labels  have the same weight and addresses?
Yes. We use special labels from UPS tracked to you via the barcode. All of these labels indicate 26Lbs and have the same addresses on purpose. Please apply ONE label per box that you are shipping and they will get to us.

How do we ship balls to RecycleBalls?
All bins have a pre-paid UPS label. Assuming regular service, UPS will take one or more bins when they come by to deliver/pick up anything else.

The UPS driver simply needs to be pointed to these bins when he/she is on site. No need to call UPS or incur any shipping costs. A best practice is to have a designated area for these bins at your front desk area and ask staff there to notify the UPS driver when he/she is there.

Do you count the number of balls we ship to RecycleBalls?
Yes. Bins have been serially numbered for inventory control and statistical information and are tracked to you. We log how many balls are sent to us so that we may provide a tax receipt and use these numbers for future contests and challenges.

How do we get new bins?
All bins are tracked. Once we have received 5 bins, new bins will be automatically shipped to ensure you have a consistent inventory of fresh bins. Bins are shipped in packs of ten. Court-side bins typically fill up in 3-6 weeks.

We have extra cart balls. Can these be recycled?
Yes. Do you have hundreds or thousands of additional tennis balls to recycle? Contact us or use as many bins as needed and ship. These will be immediately replaced to maintain your inventory.

How can we get started?
Just fill in the information here.