The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program, powered by volunteer RB CHAMPIONS, provides qualifying partner tennis facilities with a comprehensive cost-free tennis ball recycling solution and an immediate GREEN value for their entire tennis community.

RecycleBalls, a youth-powered 501(c)3 nonprofit, is inspiring a grassroots movement with a shared mission to recycle all tennis balls in the US by 2020.

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GOAL - Total Tennis Balls
SO FAR - Total Tennis Balls DEMO
# Bins Placed
AVG Balls Per Court /Monthly
TOP 10 CHAMPIONSFacility DEMOStateTotal BallsBPM/CLevel1000
Frank Maine ME 1650 300 6.0 Y
Allyson Boston MA 400 240 4.8
Brett Montpelier VT 500 220 4.4
Sam MIddlebury VT 6000 200 4.0 Y Y Y
Kevin Atlanta GA 2300 200 4.0 Y
Adam Stowe VT 3150 183 3.7 Y Y
Joe Princeton NJ 2300 175 3.5 Y
Freida Planton NC 4000 175 3.5 Y Y
Randall Frisco TX 300 125 2.5
Peter Brattleboro VT 1000 100 2.0 Y

The Issue

Did you know that US tennis players lead the world in trashing over 125 million tennis balls a year into landfills? This practice is unsustainable and no longer represents who we are as tennis players. 

  • icon1This accounts for 20,000 tons of non-decomposing methane producing waste annually that is destroying our planet.
  • icon2Tennis players typically open a new can of balls and then trash them after one or two instances of play.
  • icon3Tennis players want to recycle but there needs to be a convenient court-side solution.

Our Solution

A comprehensive, partnership-driven solution to bring GREEN habits to tennis. Our vision is to place a tennis recycling bin on every court in the US by 2020.

  • icon4All tennis balls can be recycled responsibly and/or re-purposed.
  • icon5We have adopted best practices and solutions being used globally.
  • icon6Leverage and enhance new and existing efforts to inspire the entire US tennis community.

The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program

The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program provides facility partners all the materials needed to implement a tennis ball recycling solution including instructions, collection bins, customized posters (example on right), and publicity information. We have even arranged for automatic pickup with pre-paid UPS shipping labels attached to every bin.

How do facilities get involved?
RecycleBalls partners with qualified tennis facilities in the United States by providing an easy and convenient turnkey QUICKSHIP Program for collecting used tennis balls. The balls are recycled into new court surfaces or re-purposed. By keeping tennis balls out of landfills, we “Make Yellow the New Green on Every Tennis Court.” ™ For players, this means court-side convenience. For tennis facilities, this means a quick and easy way to provide an instant GREEN value to your entire tennis community and be part of the solution. For the environment, this means less toxic landfill. Everyone wins!

Is there a cost? What is included in the program?
No, None! The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program is designed to be self-supporting for partner facilities. Facility partners receive:

  • tennis-ball-icon A Setup package that includes 10 QUICKSHIP Bins, a poster kit and instructions. (see bins below).
  • tennis-ball-icon A monthly newsletter.
  • tennis-ball-icon Automatic replacement of full bins received with new bins.
  • tennis-ball-icon A dedicated RecycleBalls contact person to answer questions and ensure success.
  • tennis-ball-icon Additional materials and tools to promote the program.

How can tennis facilities participate?
To qualify, facilities must have at least three indoor tennis courts, ensure full bins are refreshed and shipped on a timely basis and be willing to promote the recycling of all tennis balls.

How are the balls shipped and tracked?
Full bins need to be brought to the front desk or anywhere UPS ships where they will be automatically picked up by UPS without further notice.  An automated system continuously ensures optimum inventory levels. Court-side bins typically fill up in 3-6 weeks.

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the RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP bin makes GREEN sense on any tennis court


Delivers an impactful, positive message


4 color private label can be customized with any logo/copy


Ships flat. Sets up easily without any tools and self locks


Small 24″x12″ bin is only 26 lbs when full (200 balls)


Extremely sturdy and made with recycled materials


Center hole is smaller than a tennis ball so balls stay inside


Fully recyclable and can be reused multiple times


Serialized and tracked to provide data for every location


Pre-labelled/prepaid UPS sticker for shipping


So unique it is patent pending

Where do tennis balls go?

RecycleBalls is proud to be part of a nationwide effort to improve tennis and our planet by recycling tennis balls.

Trashing tennis balls adds to a significant environmental problem. All tennis balls donated will be recycled into new tennis courts or re-purposed.


RB CHAMPIONS are a community of volunteers that passionately care about the sport of tennis and the environment. These athletes are respected leaders in the sport and share a mission to improve tennis by taking local action towards measurable results. RB CHAMPIONS are typically pros, tennis students or tennis players with ties to one or more local facilities. RB CHAMPIONS self-refer, are referred by a facility or by RecycleBalls.

What are the RB CHAMPION eligibility requirements?
RB CHAMPIONS have been rated 3.5 or above as a tennis player and are willing to manage one or more QUICKSHIP Programs locally for 3 months.

What does it take to be an RB CHAMPION?
It typically takes about 10 minutes a week to manage the program at one partner facility. Responsibilities include:

  • tennis-ball-icon Ensuring there is always a fresh bin on every court.
  • tennis-ball-icon Ensuring full bins are brought to the facility front desk area for UPS pickup.
  • tennis-ball-icon Working with the facility and ensuring all needs are fully met on a timely basis.
  • tennis-ball-icon Actively promoting the RecycleBalls mission.

What are the perks for a RB CHAMPION?
RB CHAMPIONS  are part of a bold vision for US Tennis and may be recognized locally and nationally for their efforts. For some, this experience may also offer networking and publicity opportunities and could be a powerful resume builder. RecycleBalls is committed to building a community that visibly measures and celebrates the efforts of RB CHAMPIONS and our facility partners.

As a tennis player, can I be an RB CHAMPION at my local facility?
Yes! You can introduce this to your facility or we can help do this.

I’m interested in learning more. What are next steps?
Click here and let’s get started!

About Us

RecycleBalls is a nonprofit organization on a mission is to see all tennis balls in the United States recycled. A local program has been up and running successfully in Vermont tennis facilities since 2014.  As of May 2017, we are committed to rolling out an entirely new revised program to all US tennis facilities.

What is the RecycleBalls Mission?: A youth-powered movement to improve tennis and our planet by recycling all tennis balls in the US.

What is the RecycleBalls Vision?: To place a recycling bin on every tennis court in the US by 2020.

Derrick Senior (Founder)

Derrick Senior has extensive organizational, manufacturing, distribution and branding experience growing several national organizations (one now a Vermont Top 100) he founded over the last 30 years. “Green innovations that help our planet should have two things in common. They are practical and they create models for positive change”. Derrick believes that RecycleBalls is now poised to help change the game of tennis nationally by ensuring that all tennis balls all recycled in the US.

Ryan Senior (Co-Founder)

Ryan Senior is a senior at Vermont Commons School in South Burlington Vermont and has been managing RecycleBalls for the past 2 years in Vermont. “Tennis players and facilities absolutely love this concept and want to do something with all these balls besides just trashing them.” The players Ryan talks to have an emotional response and are passionate about the idea of making tennis greener. “The reaction has been amazing. In fact many courts average about 50 balls per week or 2500 balls per year when these bins have been placed court-side.”

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