RecycleBalls, a youth-powered 501(c)3 nonprofit, is inspiring a grassroots movement with a shared mission to recycle all tennis balls in the U.S.

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The Issue

Did you know that US tennis players lead the world in trashing over 125 million tennis balls a year into landfills? This practice is unsustainable and no longer represents who we are as tennis players. 

  • icon1This accounts for 20,000 tons of non-decomposing methane producing waste annually that is destroying our planet.
  • icon2Tennis players typically open a new can of balls and then trash them after one or two instances of play.
  • icon3Tennis players want to recycle but there needs to be a convenient court-side solution.

Our Solution

A comprehensive, partnership-driven solution to bring GREEN habits to tennis. Our vision is to place a tennis recycling bin on every court in the U.S.

  • icon4All tennis balls can be recycled responsibly and/or re-purposed.
  • icon5We have adopted best practices and solutions being used globally.
  • icon6Leverage and enhance new and existing efforts to inspire the entire US tennis community.

Our Initiatives


If you have old tennis balls sitting around your home, you might benefit from an INSTASHIP donation. Participants can easily print our pre-paid shipping label, send their balls to RecycleBalls, and receive a tax deduction back for their donation. For ball-counts over 600, we will even send a free pre-paid bins.

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The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program provides our facility partners with all of the materials needed to implement a tennis ball recycling solution including instructions, collection bins, customized posters, and publicity information. We have even arranged for automatic pickup with pre-paid UPS shipping labels attached to every bin.

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RB CHAMPIONS are a community of volunteers that passionately care about tennis and the environment. These athletes are leaders in the sport and share a mission to improve tennis by taking local action towards measurable results. RB CHAMPIONS are typically pros, students or players with ties to one or more local facilities.

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Everything Else

Whether you are a leisure player, a tennis pro, or an environmentally conscious individual, you can easily stay up-to-date on advancements in re-purposing solutions, social media campaigns, strategic initiatives, RecycleBalls company updates, and community involvement opportunities through our monthly newsletter.

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